If you wish your dreams from the bottom of your heart, they do come true.

In July 2001 our family dream came true and we opened “Hotel El Curro”.

Julio (Curro) and Mª Angeles, true passionate mountain lovers, wanted to make a shelter in a peaceful place so that other mountain lovers could get some rest when visiting the Natural Park.

We began with only 10 rooms and a small cafeteria. Our hosts felt so at home that they didn’t even want to go out for lunch and used to ask “Mª Angeles, what are you having for lunch today?” – “I believe grandma has prepared some hot soup” she replied. “Could we please have some for dinner?...”

That’s how, step by step, in 2004 we fully finished our hotel.

The most important thing in our home is YOU, who may start as guests but you end up being our family, the great family of Hotel El Curro. We believe you just deserve the best, since the thing we can show off the most is having the best “clients”. This is why every year we enjoy improving any little details from our hotel to ensure it looks as good as posible on your next visit.

We are aware we aren’t perfect, but we try our best to give the best of ourselves with great doses of affection and eagerness. You must know this is not a standard hotel, we are something else, we are Hotel El Curro.

Would you like to be +1 at home?

Hello! My name is Mª Ángeles.

I am enthusiastic about my region and I will try to inspire you through my roots.

I am waiting for you all with excitement.



After a long day feeding your soul with great experiences, you’ve earned it! You have to recover by filling your belly.

Either at our charming restaurant or at our spectacular “glow-worm”, you can enjoy a delicious lunch, and I will be the one in charge to show you the most traditional flavours of this place.

By the way, my name is Raquel and I am your cook.



Guess the riddle… what is Maria del Mar’s role in the hotel?